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Auto Glass, Mirror Replacement & Windshield Repairs, Charlotte NC

Charlotte Auto Glass in Charlotte NCCharlotte Auto Glass Repair is Charlotte’s one-stop shop for all your auto glass repair and replacement needs. Whether you are in need of windshield repair, new car windows, or side view mirror repair, our team of certified technicians can accommodate your needs. Charlotte Auto Glass Repair takes care of the entire process from beginning to end, using top-quality products along with top-notch service.

For those drivers with a busy schedule, we also provide mobile service. This takes care of auto glass replacement or repair at the location of your choice. With every type of service, we offer a preliminary quote, helpful hints and guaranteed stamp of approval. Charlotte Auto Glass Repair also works closely with different insurance carriers to help you file your claim with ease. Do-It-Yourself packages are available for those who would like to attempt windshield repair on their own. Auto glass repair in Charlotte, NC can be taken care of with one simple phone call. Our affordable prices and expert workmanship extend to the following types of services:

Windshield Replacement

Damage to a windshield that is a bit more than minor means that it will need to be replaced. Charlotte Auto Glass Repair provides windshield replacement with only the best glass, which include PPG Glass and Sika Urethane. Our replacement is not limited. Both front and back windshields can be installed with both speed and precision. Each windshield replacement performed by our technicians comes with a warranty that is guaranteed in full. We stand behind the quality of our work with expert windshield installation that will help protect everyone in your vehicle.

Wind shield Repairs

When your windshield receives a small crack or chip, there is no need to run out and buy a new windshield. Many of those smaller cracks and chips can be fixed with windshield repair. At Charlotte Auto Glass Repair, our staff will examine your windshield damage and determine if it can be salvaged with a simple repair. The whole process is quick, easy and much more affordable than replacing an entire windshield. The process takes very little time as we can service your windshield in less than an hour. Don’t fret the next time your windshield gets dinged as Charlotte Auto Glass Repair has a solution for you.

Mirror Replacement

Harsh weather, tough driving conditions and the negligence of other people can all contribute to broken side mirrors. Sometimes, there is nothing motorists can do to prevent their side mirrors from getting damaged. Fortunately, there is an easy fix to those damages. We have a vast surplus of side view mirrors to fit all cars, trucks and other kinds of vehicles. Our technicians can also get you in and out with efficient same-day service. Drivers looking to replace their rear view mirror can also benefit from our services. We can supply you with a new rear view mirror and even take care of bonding it to your windshield.

Auto Glass Replacement

Car windows are not indestructible. Over the course of time, replacement could be needed. When that happens, Charlotte Auto Glass Repair responds quickly by providing you with an exact match. Our auto glass is expertly installed in what is a swift process. We replace auto glass on the following vehicles.

  • Domestic and foreign cars
  • All make and model trucks
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Heavy equipment

Auto glass replacement is often covered by insurance companies and we have extensive experience in handling claims from numerous carriers. Our team will help you through that process, making it an easy and productive experience.

Mobile Services Come To You!

You can have your windshield replaced from the comfort of your own home by utilizing Charlotte Auto Glass Repair’s mobile replacement service. We travel throughout Charlotte and into the surrounding areas, replacing and repairing windshields at the location of your choice.

Same Day Service

There is no long waiting period replacing and repairing windshields at the location of your choicewhen you choose from one of the many services offered. Every customer immediately becomes a top priority as we can get you right back out on the road. You will be amazed at how quickly we take care of all your auto glass problems.

Do It Yourself Kits

Windshield kits are available for those who want to take repair matters into their own hands. Our kits include detailed step-by-step instructions. These DIY kits are also available for all different kinds of vehicles. Everything you need for windshield replacement is right there in front of you. Contact the team at Charlotte Auto Glass Repair to learn more about these DIY kits.