Windshield Repair

Charlotte Auto Glass and Windshield replacement and Repair Charlotte NCJust because your windshield sustains some damage does not mean you need to replace it with a new one that could prove costly. Small cracks and chips are not uncommon in windshields and can be fixed with a simple repair. The key is to address the damage right away before it can develop into a larger problem. Charlotte Auto Glass Repair employs a staff of trained technicians who can repair minor damage to front and back windshields.

It doesn’t matter what kind of car or truck you drive, windshield repair is an option on all vehicles. The first task is to identify the damage and determine whether or not it qualifies for repair. The following types of windshield damage are usually capable of being fixed with repair.

  • Damage from a small stone
  • Chips that are smaller than a half-dollar coin
  • Individual cracks
  • A chip or crack away from a motorist’s line of sight

Any of those kinds of damage can worsen due to weather conditions, temperature, car washes or wear and tear from routine driving. The longer you wait to fix a chip or crack, the greater your chances are of having to buy a brand new windshield

How The Repairing Process Works

Once windshield damage is deemed capable of being repaired, technicians clean out the chip or crack using special tools. Next, a resin is inserted into the damaged space. Then a technician will vacuum it shut and ensure that it is sealed tightly. The process can be a very difficult for someone who is not a trained professional. We are staffed with capable technicians, who are trained in the finer points of windshield repair. The newest technology is also at our disposal to guarantee every crack and chip is fixed just right.

Guaranteed Quality

Charlotte Auto Glass Repair does not just claim to provide excellent workmanship. Our team backs up our work with a full warranty that guarantees long life to our windshield repair. There will be no need to return to our place of business for a touch up. Our windshield repair is guaranteed to last.

Our Mobile Services Come To You!

Your windshield does not require major repair work in order for our technicians to come straight to you. Our staff is standing by ready to repair your windshield at your specified location. Our tools and technology will be used on the scene to repair your windshield. Consider it just another day at the office for the experienced team at Charlotte Auto Glass Repair. Our repair process works quickly and efficiently while you choose the location where we will fix your windshield.

Safety First

Car windshields are very important to the safety of everyone in the vehicle. A cracked or improperly installed windshield could be very dangerous in the event of a collision. Windshields are made to protect passengers and a faulty one could prove deadly. Line of sight is also very important to drivers. So if there is a crack or chip anywhere on your windshield, the safety of everyone in the vehicle is compromised. Protect yourself and your passengers by choosing the convenience and safety offered by the best windshield repair Charlotte has to offer at Charlotte Auto Glass Repair.

Contact our offices today and let our team of professionals help you see a clearer future every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle.